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1. What is a "NO/NO" Bird Feeder?
It is a totally new concept in bird feeder construction. The feeder is so unique and functional that it is patented. It is an all steel collapsible wire basket.

2. Why do you call it a "NO/NO" Bird Feeder?
The "NO/NO" name is telling you that there is no wood and no plastic in the construction of the feeder.

3. What kind of bird feed is recommended for use with the "NO/NO" Bird Feeder?
The hole size in the wire mesh is designed to hold black oil sunflower seeds, the most popular feed for wild birds. Mixtures of black oil sunflower seeds, stripped sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, and peanut pieces can be added as well.

4. What kind of birds eat from the "NO/NO" Bird Feeder?
You will have all of the different finches, all the different woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals, and many others. You will have a wider variety of birds eating from this feeder than from any other you could buy. You usually will see perching birds and clinging birds, and even those that eat upside down.

5. Where are black oil sunflower seeds available?
Black oil sunflower seeds are available at any outlet that sells bird seed, as it is the most common, popular, and most affordable of all the different types of bird feed choices. It is best to feed only one kind of feed in the feeder so the birds cannot sort seeds.

6. How much seed does the "NO/NO" Bird Feeder hold?
It will hold over 2.5 pounds of black oil sunflower seeds. The Hourglass "NO/NO" Bird Feeder holds nearly 6 pounds.

7. Where do you hang the feeder?
Birds prefer feeders to be hung close to trees and shrubs so that they have an escape route from predators. You will want to hang it where it is easy to re-fill and yuo are able to watch the bird.

8. What material is the bird feeder made from?
It is all steel, and zinc plated for rust protection. Some models are available with bright, durable powerder coated paint, some have a Copper Clad plating and roof or perch extensions.

9. How long should feeders last?
Under normal weather conditions it should last indefinitely.

10. Will squirrels be able to eat feed from it?
Yes they can, but they should not be able to damage it.